I have been retained to do a IPSA Audit
 I am proposing on a IPSA Audit
 I would like to discuss a IPSA Audit with an existing client
 I would like you to be the IPSA Auditor for my professional services firm
 My company needs audit readiness help
 I have a co-sourcing interest (please describe)
 I am interested in being a IPSA Audit resource for DFCMAudit.com
 Compliance audits
 Environmental reserves
 Government audits (using Yellow Book)
 Greenhouse Gas verification
 Internal audit, or support to internal audit
 IT audits
 Financial audits, or support to financial audits
 Management systems
 Physical security audits
 Social accountability audits
 Supply chain audits
 Sustainability reports
 None or Not Applicable
 Other (please specify)
 %20 – 50
 %50 – 75
 %As much as required
 %20 – 50
 %50 – 75
 %As much as required
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